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The future is digital

Social Media is fast becoming the marketing and advertising platform of our time. The services I offer comes from my own experiences within both SMB’s and FTSE 100 companies. I see all too many businesses under-utilising current technologies for both their marketing and advertising, and their workflow processes. There are many areas where I see major room for improvement such as their advertising placements, targeting efforts and overall strategy. My background in data analytics has lead to a data driven approach to marketing whilst maintaining the human touch your audience requires.

I see companies with target audiences of aged 18-30 advertising on television and thats it… Are their audiences really spending their time there? Businesses using email marketing as apose to SMS… How many emails have you opened in the last 24 hours?

People think of social and digital marketing as they did about television 30 years ago. Now is the time to make the most of it, before it becomes the norm.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not loyal to social media and automation – I simply follow audience behaviour. If your audience resides in newspaper and traditional media, that’s where your efforts should be focused.

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